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OticAid™ 50% Off - Adjustable Left/Right Ear Wireless Double Noise Reduction Hearing Aids

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Digital Hearing Amplifier Better Sound Better Life

digital chip

USB Charging


Double Noise Reduction Hearing Amplifiers

Intelligent audio processing, dual filters, remove all kinds of noise.

Four modes and four gears

One button switches different modes, no matter at home, on the road or in the vegetable market, it can easily reduce noise.

Cycle Charge Use

It is a USB charging hearing aid, no need to replace the battery frequently. It can be fully charged for about 2-4 hours, can be used for 48 hours, and the battery life is 5 years.

You can choose the appropriate mode according,Just adjust to the appropriate mode and volume. give your living environment to bring you a better experience.

born for sport

Sweat-proof and Fall-proof

The outer shell of the hearing aid is made of nano materials, which can prevent sweat normally. The hearing aid can also be worn during exercise, without worrying about sweat affecting the normal use of the hearing aid.

How To Use Hearing Aids

Steps for usage

How to wear a hearing aid?

Step1: Ensure the hearing-aid is fully charged.

Step2: Turn off the hearing aid, switch to level 0 and choose the noise-canceling mode.

Step3: Place the device close to the outside of your ears, and put the earplugs into the ears in this way.

Step4: Make sure the earplugs can fill the ear canal.

Step5: Then turn on the hearing aid, turn up the volume little by little.

Step6: If the volume is within the acceptable range, we just need to spend some time getting used to the device.

"M" stands for mode. After power on, it enters the low-frequency mode and emits a "beep", which will perform a simple noise reduction process for the ambient sound, which is suitable for a quiet environment.

Press the "M" key to send out two beeps and enter the intermediate frequency mode to bring the best sound quality and the most comfortable experience. It is suitable for listening to music.

After pressing the "M" key for the second or third time, three or four beeps will be emitted, which enhances the noise reduction effect and is suitable for noisy environment.

Why does the hearing aid have loud screeching sound ?

Because the contact part of the earplug and the ear canal is not completely closed, the sound amplified by the hearing aid leaks from the gap and is amplified again by the microphone, so there will be a howling sound.

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